Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy as a Stand-Alone or Support Treatment

Even though acupuncture can be employed as a stand-alone treatment for a variety of physical problems, it is becoming increasingly common for both eastern and western medical practitioners to use acupuncture as an accompaniment to other treatments. For example, giving a patient acupuncture before and after they go through surgery has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of pain during the recovery process. Acupuncture is also beginning to merge into the world of veterinary medicine, first tested on a mare with an ankle injury, in conjunction with traditional techniques. As an increasing demographic of respected doctors begin to use acupuncture, more and more ailments are being tackled with acupuncture. Most recently, a study has shown that acupuncture can be used to fight indigestion symptoms, which are prevalent in pregnant women.

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