Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Look at How Osteopathy Works and How a Toronto Osteopath Helps You

A fairly significant proportion of visits to medical practitioners involve pain affecting bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps you could do with the services of a good Toronto osteopath. This form of massage therapy was developed by American surgeon Andrew Still in the 19th century, and rose to such popularity that it is still being practised all over the world. It offers patients a gentle, soothing way to relieve pain or stiffness that can appear in the joints and muscles in adult life. Although it’s most commonly associated with neck and back pain, a trained osteopath can help people suffering from a varied range of conditions, such as most sports injuries, repetitive strain injury and postural problems which are common in many different professions.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Common Bodily Pains That a Rejuvenating Massage Therapy Can Relieve

Toronto is a big and bustling city, and if you live and work here, you’re likely to know a fair amount of people who espouse how great massages can be, and simply insist that you try it out as well. With so many people talking about the benefits of this kind of therapy, you’re often left to wonder if you really need a massage. The answer, in short, is yes. We’re all human, and, unless you have a full-time job as a Buddhist monk, you probably feel the physical strain of stress once in a while. If you find you’re regularly dealing with far too many deadlines and conferences, a professional massage not only relieves your physical tenseness, but also makes you more inclined towards a positive mental attitude, making the symptoms of stress less likely to spring up again.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sports Massage: Easing Neck, Back Strain for Tired Office Workers

Though the perception of sports massage is that it is solely reserved for athletes, this type of massage, also known as deep tissue massage, can offer huge benefits for millions of office workers, including those in one of the busiest commercial cities in the world, Toronto. Numerous workers daily will spend hours at a time in front of their computers and in meetings, and this can lead to uncomfortable, painful, and potentially harmful back problems. Here are five benefits of a good massage in Toronto for the city’s office workers. 1. Pain Relief Few workers are lucky enough to have an ergonomic desk or cubicle set up for them. When the discomfort sets in, massage can relieve the tension of back muscles that have become strained from hours in a sedentary position and minimal movement in front of a computer.