Saturday, 31 October 2015

New Research: Acupuncture and Massage Therapy for Oncology Patients

Proponents of alternative remedies in Toronto or elsewhere have long argued that the benefits of alternative medicine transcend the mere induction of feelings of relaxation, but a couple of recently published research has confirmed that both massage therapy and acupuncture are capable of providing real relief to cancer patients who are either going through or have just completed chemotherapy. Aid from Acupuncture The first of these two exciting studies, conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, concerned new strategies for the mitigation of daily (and often quite severe) hot flashes amongst breast cancer survivors. The typical remedies (such as various hormone replacement therapies) used to treat these hot flashes are off-limits to patients due to their estrogen content.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Healthy Indulgence: The Many Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

Getting a massage may seem like an indulgent pastime, a treat rather than a necessity, but regular massage can actually be incredibly beneficial to health and energy levels. Living in a busy city, like the bustling metropolis of Toronto, surrounded by work opportunities, theatre and entertainment, as well as some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, it becomes important to learn to relax, and a massage is the perfect way to achieve this. We spend a lot of time hunched in one place, working on a computer, driving long distances, or even sprawled watching television, and our muscles can begin to cramp and tense, causing lower back pain, shoulder tension, and other painful but minor issues.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Acupuncture: Relieving Pain, Discomfort of Common Medical Conditions

Acupuncture began in China thousands of years ago. It involves inserting fine needles at certain strategic points on the body, known as acupuncture points. According to traditional Chinese medicine, your body has more than 2,000 of these points. They are connected by pathways, called meridians, which are channels through which energy (called Qi) flows. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that stimulating these points is the key to correcting imbalances of Qi, and improving the flow of energy through the body.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Osteopathy: Alternative Therapy to Managing Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem that affects a lot of people all over the world. Its symptoms can range from tenderness, stiffness, joint pain, restricted movements around the joints, weakness, and even muscle wasting. The symptoms can be different from person to person; however; for most of them, it makes everyday tasks difficult.  There are many methods to treating arthritis, or at least in keeping the symptoms under control. The treatment remedies include drugs, physical therapy, and in more severe cases, surgery. There is one extremely effective, but often overlooked, approach to treating and managing arthritis: osteopathy.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Understanding Massage Therapy: Types, Techniques and Health Benefits

Massage dates back thousands of years and continues to be integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, there are around 80 different types of massage techniques, each of which is designed to achieve a specific goal. The most common types of massage therapy in Toronto include: • Aromatherapy massage: Essential oils are massaged into the skin to boost the healing effects of massage. • Lymphatic massage: Light, rhythmic strokes are used to encourage the flow of lymph, a fluid that helps fight infection. • Myofascial release: Gentle pressure is used to release tension that has built up in the muscles

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Five Health Benefits You Can Get from Having a Regular Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been practised for thousands of years and evidence suggests that massage was even used in ancient Egypt, Japan and China, where writings described it as "the art of rubbing". In recent years, massage has become increasingly popular in helping to treat muscle injuries, not only with athletes but with regular people, too. The reason for its increase in popularity are the many health benefits to be had. Here are just five of them: Soothes Muscle Pain Massage is a well-known therapy for soothing muscle aches and pains. You might want to choose sports massage for any sporting-related muscle strains, or try deep massage for everyday aches and pains. The latter type of massage uses slower and harder strokes to target deep tissues and muscles.